Why chose a gas hot water system from a wholesaler?

Over the years, more and more homeowners have been turning away from using an electrical hot water system and installing a gas hot water system instead, mainly because they want to be assured of a constant supply of hot water. You can easily purchase a top of the line gas hot water system from your local wholesaler, saving yourself a substantial amount of money.

There are other benefits however to heating your water using gas, most notably that it produces a third less greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric systems, and they are usually cheaper to purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a gas hot water system from your local wholesaler, there are two types of systems that are available.

Gas tank hot water systems

These are very similar to electric tank systems where the hot water is stored in an insulated tank ready for use. New models are energy efficient and produce low greenhouse emissions. They can also quickly heat your water, usually in just one hour and it’s much quicker to reheat the water in the tank using gas compared to electricity. A gas hot water system is great for large families that run out of water quickly in the mornings, leaving cold showers for the unwary. You can purchase these systems from your local wholesaler.

Instantaneous gas hot water systems

These tankless systems heat your water as it’s needed, so there is no tank that takes up space in your yard and you will never run out of hot water. This system is about the same size as your power box, so it takes a minimum amount of wall space, looks good and easily lasts for 20 years (compared to tanks that have 10 or 12 year warranties). Without a tank, there is less maintenance as well!

If you want an endless supply of hot water in your home, you can’t go wrong with a gas hot water system from your local wholesaler, preferably an instantaneous system, so you avoid needing a tank. If your system is ready to be replaced, call us on 07 3391 6500 or send us an email to find out more.  

Update your bathroom with these budget busting ideas

Not everyone has the budget to totally renovate their bathroom. However, if you head down to your local tapware wholesaler you can find plenty of affordable ideas that will help you to update your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Whatever you do to your bathroom you want to have a practical, as well as a visual impact. In other words, you want it to look like you spent some serious cash updating your bathroom. So if you are ready to modernise your bathroom, why not give the following ideas due consideration, before heading down to your local tapware wholesaler?

Update the toilet seat: Toilet sets don’t last long and generally need replacing after a few years, particularly if you have a cheap plastic model. The easiest way to update your bathroom is to replace the toilet seat with a brand new option and you can buy these for as little as $50 or less. Of course, you can also opt for a quick release soft close option for a real change, but for people on a limited budget, a regular toilet seat is a good option.

Replace the shower head: Replacing your shower rose with a modern option gives your bathroom a much fresher feel and you can pick these up at your local tapware wholesaler at around $100 or less. More expensive options are also available with lots of bells and whistles, it just depends on your budget. For homeowners on a small budget, a brand new shower head will make a big difference, even if it’s just a basic model.

Change the taps: Changing the taps in the vanity and the shower can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. If you have single taps on the vanity and in the shower you can swap these over to a mixer tap for a different look or simply replace like with like – you can pick these up for $100 or less.

Modernise towel holders: If you have old plastic towel rails in your bathroom, why not replace them with modern towel rings for less than $50 from your local tapware wholesaler?

Brisbane Wholesale Hardware is your local tapware wholesaler – call us on 07 3391 6500, drop into our Woolloongabba store or send us an email – we have everything you need for your new bathroom makeover!

Three affordable bathroom updates from your tapware wholesaler

We all know that bathrooms can be expensive to update with most of us saving for years to fund extensive renovations. Whether you want a quick makeover or a total renovation, purchasing your fixtures from your trusty bathroom and tapware wholesaler can significantly reduce your costs.

The most affordable bathroom makeovers don’t need a lot of work, so here are three updates that can lift your bathroom out of  the doldrums (you can purchase all these items from your bathroom and tapware wholesaler).

  1. Replace the tapware: Taps are simple to replace and you can find a range of styles from vintage to traditional or modern and contemporary at your tapware wholesaler. Replacing the taps on the vanity, bathtub and in the shower stall will definitely give your bathroom a different vibe and is well worth the small cost involved.
  2. Change the toilet seat: Old, stained toilet seats aren’t hygienic and don’t look very nice, so it’s a good idea to change them regularly (even if you’re not renovating your bathroom). Selecting a toilet seat from your bathroom and tapware wholesaler that suits your style will even make your toilet look clean and fabulous! We have a wide range of toilet seats, from a very affordable plastic style up to more expensive timber seats and even models that raise and lower the lid automatically.
  3. Update the shower head: The style you select does depend on the type of shower setup you have in your bathroom, but its easy to replace the shower rose if you have one of those hand held shower setups that clips onto the wall. For a more modern and absolutely fabulous rain head shower, you will need the plumber to run the plumbing up into the ceiling, but for a modern, updated look, it’s well worth the effort.

These three simple updates won’t break the bank, but can make the world of difference to your bathroom. Why not pop into your local bathroom and tapware wholesaler in Woolloongabba and  check out our awesome range? For more information, call us on 07 3391 6500 or send us an email.

Imagine life without plumbing!

Some of us take our plumbing and sewage systems for granted, only giving it due consideration when something goes wrong. We then head off to the local wholesale plumbing supplies store or call a plumber to fix the problem. So maybe it’s time to spend a few moments appreciating the contribution that plumbing makes to our lives and how different it would be if we didn’t have this facility.

Plumbing delivers fresh water to our homes and takes away waste water; it’s so essential that a new home isn’t up to code if it doesn’t have plumbing installed. We use water for our showers, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines, and for cleaning the dog and watering our gardens.

It’s bad enough that you might have to go to the local wholesale plumbing supplies store for parts to repair your plumbing or sewage systems, but imagine having to walk to the creek for water! Here are some of the ways plumbing has a positive impact on our lives every day.

Showers: There’s not many of us who don’t appreciate a shower every morning to wake us up, not forgetting the occasional soak in the tub when we have the time to relax. Washing from a bucket of cold water just wouldn’t be the same!

Toilets: Most of us have experience with a long drop or have experienced a lack of toilet facilities when camping remotely. Just image not having a toilet at home and how difficult that would make life for everyone!

Dishwashers: Using a dishwasher not only saves on time, but it also saves on water and is an essential kitchen appliance in most modern homes. Washing dishes by hand is so old fashioned!

Washing machines: No longer do we have to head to the creek and spend hours washing our clothes. Now we can just pop a load on while we spend quality time with our families and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Dog washing: Whether you hose your dog down in the yard, lather them up in the bathtub or take them to the local dog washing facility, plumbing helps keep man’s best friend clean and well groomed.

Watering the garden: Some people water their gardens by hand and others use a sprinkler system, both of which beat carrying water from a creek in buckets to water our gardens.

With any luck you will never have a problem with your plumbing, but if you need repairs or upgrades, why not pop into our Woolloongabba store for quality wholesale plumbing supplies?

You can also call us on 07 3391 6500 or send us an email.

Fascinating facts about plumbing from your toilet wholesaler

As a toilet wholesaler and an expert on all things ‘plumbing’, we thought that we knew everything there was to know about plumbing, but we were wrong! Even we were amazed at some of the fascinating facts that we have found about plumbing on the internet, which we share with you below.

  1. Did you know that most of us spend around three years sitting on the toilet? That’s an amazing amount of time spent in a little room staring at the walls! Maybe that’s why so many of us take iPads or newspapers with us (although a study has shown that the more features on your smartphone, the longer you sit on the toilet). With so much time spent sitting on the toilet however, it makes sense to check with your local toilet wholesaler for the most comfortable toilet on the market.
  2. We are not quite sure what type of toilet royalty use, but in 1760 it’s said that King George II died when he fell off his toilet! Apparently he had suffered an aortic aneurysm which caused his death and he toppled off the toilet on 25th October and was buried in Westminster Abbey on 11 November 1760.
  3. Albert Einstein is reported to have said that if he could live his life over, he would be a plumber, so the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union of the time promptly made him an honorary member! Maybe you will find another Einstein at your local toilet wholesaler?
  4. Did you know that our sewers contain a lot of drugs excreted via urine? It’s said that more than three quarters of the drugs we take end up in the sewers via this avenue and studies have shown that many of these drugs end up in our fish.
  5. Which way do you hang your toilet paper? With the flap in the front or behind? It has taken a study costing $100,000 USD to reach the conclusion that three quarters of us hang the flap in the front. Even more interesting is that toilet paper was apparently invented by the Chinese in the 6th century.

For all the latest model toilets and bathroom accessories, drop into Brisbane Wholesale Hardware – your local toilet wholesaler in Woolloongabba.

Get all the latest wholesale plumbing supplies today!

With all of the advances in plumbing technology over the few years, you might be surprised to learn that you can get everything you need at your local wholesale plumbing supplies store. What type of technologies are we talking about? Well they are all about making your home more comfortable, clean and environmentally friendly.

Wholesale plumbing supplies that make your home comfortable

We all want to be comfortable in our home, but it’s likely you haven’t given any thought to how your plumbing comes into the equation! Plumbing advances that you might like to consider for your home that increase your comfort include toilet bowls with LED lights or even smart toilets that open and close their own lids, automatically deodorise the air and have an adjustable heated seat. What about infrared sensors and timers to turn taps on and off (great if the kids leave the tap running when they clean their teeth) and coloured mood lights in your bath!

Wholesale plumbing supplies that make your home cleaner

If your main priority is cutting down on the germs in your home, then you need to explore the new touch free sensors that turn water on and off, toilets with automatic lids that open and close without needing to touch them (awesome when you have people who leave the seat up all the time!) and some toilets that even include hands-free cleaning without using toilet paper (rather than installing a separate bidet in your toilet closet). There is also a kitchen sink that disappears into the bench top when not in use!

Wholesale plumbing supplies that make your home greener

Increasing the energy efficiency in your home and reducing wastage are two big factors in making your home green and environmentally friendly. This means that energy saving plumbing supplies are all the rage right now, so consider tankless water heaters, energy efficient shower heads and taps, high tech dual flush toilets, recycling grey water, and cold water diverters that save the cold water that we usually waste when waiting for the water to become hot in the tap.

If you are interested in exploring any of these new technologies checkout the latest wholesale plumbing supplies at our store in Woolloongabba, call us on 07 3391 6500 or send us an email.

Help – My hot water system is leaking!

A leaking hot water system can be a small problem that rapidly transforms into a big problem, but before you rush off down to your hot water system wholesaler for an entirely new system, here are a few steps that you can take to reduce your overall costs.

Locate the source of the leak

If your system is old and corroded, then a small leak can quickly turn into a very big leak, so you need to locate the source of the leak as soon as possible. If the leak is coming from the pressure relief valve (PRV) or the pressure & temperature relief valve (PTRV), then it’s not so bad because these can be purchased from your local hot water system wholesaler and replaced easily.

Locate these valves on the side of your tank and open and close them a few times to clear any blockages. If this doesn’t fix the problem and they are still leaking, replace them and you should be fine. On the other hand, if your tank is leaking you need to turn off the power or gas (whichever energy source you use for your hot water) and replace the tank itself.

Turn off the water

If opening and closing the valves doesn’t stop the leak or the actual tank is leaking, then you will need to turn off the water as well as the power, because you don’t want the tank operating on empty. You should be able to isolate the water from your water supply by closing a lever or tap located on one of the pipes that enters the tank. If you can’t find this tap or it won’t close, you will need to turn off the water at the mains, but fill the kettle and a few buckets for the toilet first.

Check the warranty

If the tank is still within its warranty period (usually 10 or 12 years), then you should be covered for a new tank, so check the manufacturer’s plate on the side of your tank for this date. You can order a new tank from your local hot water system wholesaler and hire a plumber to do the final fittings.

Brisbane Wholesale Hardware are your local hot water system wholesaler, so if you have a leaking hot water tank, don’t hesitate to drop into our Woolloongabba store or give us a call on 07 3391 6500.

Points to check before heading off to your hot water system wholesaler

Your hot water system wholesaler will have everything you need to repair or replace your hot water system, something that’s important at any time of the year, but becomes vital in the cold winter months. Even Brisbane becomes chilly in the early mornings and no-one wants to be faced with a lukewarm or cold shower before work!

If you haven’t checked your hot water system lately, it’s a good idea to give it the once over and check for the following problems. All of these issues will need fixing, but some will need the whole unit to be replaced rather than just a repair. So before you grab your wallet and head to the local wholesale plumbing suppliers in your area, be sure to check your system for the following problems.

Not enough hot water: If you find that your water is not hot enough or you are running out of water too quickly, check the thermostat or element, because one or the other is likely to need replacing, but you can easily purchase these from your hot water system wholesaler. Another cause of running out of hot water is that something is leaking, so check the TPR valve and go over the tank to make sure that one of the seams hasn’t split. Rust on the outside of the tank and along the seams can mean that the tank is leaking, but not always, so it pays to keep an eye on it and have it checked if you keep running out of hot water.

Discoloured water: If you are experiencing brown or yellow coloured water from your tank, it’s pretty likely that there is rust inside the tank, which will need replacing. Your local wholesale plumbing suppliers will have a range of tanks so you won’t have any problems purchasing a replacement.

Power cuts out: If the power trips when you use your hot water system it’s usually because water is dripping onto the thermostat and causing it to fuse. Replacing the thermostat won’t fix this problem, instead you need a new tank from your hot water system wholesaler. You will also new a new tank if you notice burn marks up the side of the tank, because this means that the system is overheating.

Call us for all your wholesale plumbing suppliers in Brisbane on 07 3391 6500.

5 Reasons why you should ask your hot water system wholesaler about instant hot water

As a hot water system wholesaler, we know that there is nothing quite like a long hot shower at the end of the day to put the world to rights! However, when everyone has already used all the hot water and you are left suffering a lukewarm shower – what can you do?

The solution is to ask about installing an instant hot water system at your wholesale plumbing supplies warehouse. If a long hot shower at the end of the day isn’t enough to make you head off to your local hot water system wholesaler, the following five reasons should make you put the metal to the pedal!

  1. Endless supply of hot water: Enough said already! The beauty about instant hot water is that you don’t need a tank, instead the water is heated instantly as you need it. No longer will you have to suffer lukewarm showers because the tank is empty, which is a good enough reason to check out instant hot water at your wholesale plumbing supplies warehouse.
  2. Lower power bills: With energy costs rising all the time, anything you can do to lower your electricity bills is worth investigating. Since electric instant hot water only heats the water when you need it, you aren’t paying to keep a tank full of hot water all day and night! This itself is enough to make you pick up the phone and call your hot water system wholesaler, but if you install gas instant hot water instead of an electric unit, it works out even cheaper.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Using less power is also good for the environment and an electric instant hot water unit will go some way towards lowering your carbon footprint, but a gas model will go even further! Your local hot water system wholesaler can advice you which model is best for your situation.
  4. Longer lifespan: Tanks usually have a 10 to 12 year lifespan, before they corrode or simply stop working and need to be replaced. With no tank, you don’t have that worry, but even better, these systems can last up to 20 years, making them a much more cost-effective option. This is another good reason to check out your wholesale plumbing supplies warehouse!
  5. Safer water: Without a tank, your water isn’t sitting around being kept at a constant temperature and encouraging the growth of bacteria. Instead, you have instant clean, fresh hot water at the click of a switch.

If you think that your family can benefit form instant hot water, don’t hesitate to contact your local hot water system wholesaler today!

Check out the latest bathroom trends at your local tapware and bathroom wholesaler

With all of the renovation shows on TV, many Australians are racing off to their local tapware and bathroom wholesaler, ready to makeover their bathrooms in the latest trends. Gone are the days when bathrooms were just somewhere to take a bath – now they have become a sanctuary within our homes, requiring not only the very best in functionality, but also in interior design.

So before you head off to your bathroom and tapware wholesaler for the latest wholesale plumbing supplies, let’s take a look at some of the hot new trends for 2018.

Frameless shower screens

For anyone with a shower in their bathroom, a frameless shower screen is a must! These beautiful acres of glass not only make your bathroom look much bigger, but they also let in lots of natural light that bounces around the room, giving your bathroom a more natural ambiance. Frameless shower screens are usually something you expect to see in high-end hotels, but are now within easy reach of most Australians for their home sanctuary.

Fabulous freestanding tubs

If you love your bath, then you must have one of these awesome freestanding tubs in your renovated bathroom. There is nothing else you can do to your bathroom that will give such it a magical, luxurious and romantic feel as a standalone bath! With a range of shapes and colours available at your local tapware and bathroom wholesaler, you won’t be short of design style in your bathroom.

Awesome tapware and shower fittings

Gone are the days of boring old tapware and shower heads, now you can install gold, bronze, silver, brass, copper and even black fittings in your bathroom. Just imagine the sophistication and elegance of black tapware on a marble sink or the decadence of a rose gold coloured rainwater shower head? With so many designs and options available at your local bathroom and tapware wholesaler, you won’t have any problem creating the perfect sanctuary for your home.

Natural timber adds warmth and style

Whilst you won’t find timber floors at your local wholesale plumbing supplies, nevertheless they are trending this year and look fabulous in bathrooms when matched with other natural timber elements. Timber adds warmth to a bathroom, preventing it from looking and feeling cold and clinical, and adding an earthy ambiance to your sanctuary. Consider a timber vanity with crisp white vanity sinks and black tapware for the ultimate in style and interior design.

For more information on wholesale plumbing supplies for your bathroom renovation, call us on 07 3391 6500 or send us an email.

What are the latest trends in wholesale plumbing supplies?

Every year we see changes in our sales of wholesale plumbing supplies, and sometimes these changes are minor and other times they are huge! These changes usually come down to the prevailing trends in tapware and other bathroom necessities that wax and wane every year.

For example, we have noticed a big drop in rose gold tapware and large spa baths, and anecdotal evidence tells us that subway tiles and all-white bathrooms are also off-trend this year. As a bathroom and tapware wholesaler, we have noticed a number of trends already rearing their heads this year, so without further ado – here are the trends we have noticed in our wholesale plumbing supplies and the trends which we have gleaned from our customers.

Tapware: Forget the shiny gold taps of 2017, because 2018 is all about brushed metallics and black tapware and mixers. Replacing your tapware is a simple and fast way to keep it looking up-to-date and modern, and it’s one of the most affordable options for revamping your bathroom. We are updating our wholesale plumbing supplies to include these new trends, so why not drop in and ask us about our latest tapware?

Featured showers: As a bathroom wholesaler, we have noticed that the reason that spa baths are off-trend in 2018 is because homeowners are moving more towards large walk-in showers with multiple heads and jets. You might be surprised to learn that not everyone wants to spend time in a large bath, instead many of us prefer to forgo the bath and replace it with a decadent shower with a large rainwater head, side jets and lots of room to move!

Freestanding baths: If you must have a bath, then spa baths are out and lovely, decorative freestanding baths are in! Even more on trend are baths with a feature colour on the outside, preferably navy or black to match your new tapware – check with your local bathroom wholesaler for supplies.

Colours: All-white bathrooms are no longer trending, instead strong neutrals such as navy or black are now popular. Updating your bathroom is easy, just add a row of navy blue open shelving matched with navy towels and accessories or add black tapware to your vanity and shower, even a matte black shower head and handheld shower as well.

You can pick up most of these wholesale plumbing supplies at your local bathroom stockists. Contact us today to find out more about the latest tapware and bathroom trends for 2018.

Bathroom and Tapware wholesaler tips: Ram Ridge Mixers are hot right now

As a bathroom and tapware wholesaler, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s trending in taps right now. You might not think that taps could be on-trend, but in the world of plumbing and household renovations, taps are one of the most important purchases for homeowners and investors of quality properties.

Once you know the latest designs, you can pop down to your local tapware or bathroom wholesaler and grab a few for your latest home renovation. If you are in the market today for new tapware, you need to check out the Ram Ridge range of mixers, as Ram Tapware have been around for more than 70 years and are well-known for producing a quality product.

All of the Ram products adhere to Australian Standards and the latest Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS), so you know right off the bat, that you are getting a quality product. They are even based right here in Brisbane at Eagle Farm – so you know they must be True Blue!

As a leading bathroom and tapware wholesaler, we sell the entire range of Ram Tapware at our Brisbane store in Woolloongabba, so why not drop in and check them out?

What Ram Mixers are on-trend?

Currently, Ram Tapware have seven Ram Ridge Mixers that are selling very well: two basin mixes, one wall diverter and one wall mixer, two sink mixers and a sink mixer with a hand-held spray. This quality tapware is perfect for bathrooms, laundries and kitchens and are not only affordable, but also stylish and long lasting with a smooth performance.

It’s always best to check out the trending items at your local tapware or bathroom wholesaler before you make your final decision, because it’s much easier to compare different brands in person. One of the features that makes Ram Tapware so popular is their unique Brass Cartridge technology and their Pex Connector Hoses, that provide a high performance and a longer lifespan.

The Ram Ridge Mixer with a hand-held hose is particularly popular right now, because the retractable double braided pull-out hose is useful in both the kitchen and the laundry. Isn’t it time to replace your old tapware with quality options from your local bathroom and tapware wholesaler?

Contact us today and ask about our range of Ram Ridge Mixers – Brisbane Wholesale Hardware – the leading tapware and bathroom wholesaler in SE QLD.

Does a hot water system wholesaler sell all types of hot water systems?

One of the best places to buy your replacement hot water system is from a hot water system wholesaler, because we have the best prices and the latest designs. If you need a replacement system for your home or investment property, here is a short guide on how to buy the right system from your local hot water system and tapware wholesaler.

There are four different options to heat your water: electric, gas, solar and a heat pump.

Electric hot water: This is the most expensive of the four options, but is the one that most people are familiar with and tend to choose first, particularly if their old system was electric. They are usually the cheapest to buy and install; the expense comes in heating your water with electricity. Off-peak electricity isn’t always suitable or available for some families and because the hot water is stored, you often need very large tanks to keep up with your usage. Your local tapware and hot water system wholesaler will have a range of affordable electric powered tanks for you to view.

Gas hot water: If your property has natural gas or you are happy with gas bottles, then this might be a great option for your family, particularly as you can install an instantaneous system and avoid having a tank altogether. It’s more expensive to buy and install then an electric system, but is more convenient and usually cheaper to run. Your local hot water system and tapware wholesaler will also have a range of affordable gas systems in stock.

Solar hot water: One of the more expensive options to install, the prices of solar panels are coming down as the technology improves. You still need a tank with solar hot water and you will also use a certain amount of electricity, dependent on how much hot water you use and whether it’s cloudy or not. Installing batteries is the best option, but until prices come down, most homeowners won’t be able to afford this added expense. Solar power is very popular, but your local hot water system and tapware wholesaler can only supply the tanks, not the solar panels.

Heat pumps: If you can’t afford solar, but still want a more environmentally friendly system, then a heat pump is a good option. This uses a tank, but the water is heated by extracting heat from the air, which is perfect for the warm Brisbane weather. Costs are on par with gas systems and your local tapware and hot water system wholesaler can show you their range of heat pumps.

For affordable electric and gas hot water systems, as well as heat pumps, contact us today.

20 Weird scraps of information about plumbing from a toilet wholesaler

As a toilet wholesaler and purveyor of wholesale plumbing supplies, we don’t get a lot of fun in our day! Sometimes however, we like to gather interesting facts to lighten the mood and make the day go faster.

If you are up for a little fun, then you will appreciate these weird, strange and interesting scraps of information we have put together about our favourite topic – plumbing and toilets.

  1. The colloquial term for a toilet is ‘the john’, because the flushing toilet was invented by John Harrington in 1596.
  2. The origin of the word ‘plumber’ comes from the Latin ‘plumbum’, which means ‘lead’ and was used because some of the earliest plumbing pipes were made from lead.
  3. As a toilet wholesaler, we were interested to find out that toilets theoretically can flush in opposite directions between the northern and southern hemispheres, due to the Coriolis effect, but since there are lots of other factors involved, you need ideal conditions to demonstrate this weird fact.
  4. On 25th October 1760, King George II of Great Britain, died falling off a toilet or fell off the toilet and died – who really knows!
  5. Copper piping was used by the Egyptians 3000 years ago for their own plumbing.
  6. Albert Einstein was made an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union after saying the if he had to do it all again – he would become a plumber.
  7. Ozzie Osbourne used to be a plumber’s apprentice – just imagine if he had become a toilet wholesaler!
  8. Snakes can navigate your plumbing and enter through the toilet.
  9. Most people will spend at least 3 years of their life sitting on the toilet.
  10. Toilet paper was invented in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty and sold in the USA in flat sheets embossed with the inventor’s name.
  11. 75% of people have the toilet paper flap in the front.
  12. In 1965, nearly 50% of Australian homes were not connected to the sewage system.
  13. As a toilet wholesaler we know that a low-flush toilet will save the average family nearly 70,000 litres of water each year.
  14. Flushing the toilet uses nearly 40% of the average Australian family’s water usage.
  15. Waiting for the water to heat up while running the tap wastes nearly 35,000 litres of water each year.
  16. A slowly dripping tap can waste more than 200 litres of water each year – so replace your dripping taps with new from our affordable wholesale plumbing supplies line.
  17. Thomas Crapper didn’t invent the toilet, but he was a plumber and supplied 30 toilets with cedarwood seats for Sandringham House, the home of Prince Edward in the 1880s (later to become Edward VII).
  18. The world’s most expensive toilet was designed for the International Space Station, costing $19 million US – don’t ask, because our wholesale plumbing supplies don’t include NASA toilets!
  19. The first underground sewer in Rome dates from 500 BC.
  20. World Toilet Day is on 19th November every year – great news for a toilet wholesaler!

For the latest wholesale plumbing supplies, contact us today.

Wholesale plumbing supplies – Bathroom trends for 2018

Your local wholesale plumbing supplies store has everything you need to renovate your bathroom for 2018. This year the trend in bathrooms is more towards a timeless style that won’t go out of fashion quickly, allowing you to treat yourself to a spa sanctuary at home without blowing the budget.

So before you contact your tapware wholesaler or your hot water system wholesaler, check out our bathroom renovation tips for 2018.

Tapware: Mixers and hob mounted taps in brass, brushed metallic or matte black are sophisticated and will give your bathroom an elegant aesthetic. Your tapware wholesaler should have plenty of examples for you to investigate.

Showers: These have become far more popular than spa baths with young people, so consider installing a large rain head shower, multiple side jets and a hand shower as well.

Baths: If you can’t imagine life without a bath, then a free standing bath with a white interior and an external feature colour, such as navy or black gives a modern twist to more traditional bathrooms. Check out your local wholesale plumbing supplies store for the latest in free standing baths and select one to match your style and colour scheme.

Toilets: Toilets now come with seat warmers, night lights, combination bidets, automatic deodorizers, wireless music and even remote controls. So make your selection and sit back in luxury!

Vanities: Stone basins, quartz counter tops and dark timbers in a white bathroom make a timeless combination and during 2018, we will see an emerging trend for elegance and sophistication in bathroom design. Your local wholesale plumbing supplies store should have a selection of the latest vanities to hit the market, so it is worth paying a visit before you make your decision.

Tiles: Large tiles have always been popular in hotels, because there is less grout to clean and they make small spaces look larger. This is a trend that will be picked up by an increasing number of home owners who usually suffer from small bathrooms and who look for strategies to make them look bigger.

Colours: Black and white or navy and white with the addition of natural stone and dark timbers can work with any contemporary or traditional styled home. This is a palette that will stand the test of time and still look good when lime green and daffodil yellow bathrooms look dated.

For wholesale plumbing supplies, contact us today.

5 Luxury toilets from your bathroom & toilet wholesaler

As a bathroom and toilet wholesaler, we know that most people simply opt for the basic model toilets in their home. If you want to upgrade however, there are a surprising number of luxury toilets on the market that can be ordered from your local wholesale plumbing supplies store.

Focusing on water efficiency and eco-friendly designs, we have found five luxury toilets that are worth investigating. The first two are flushing toilets by Toto, and the last three are composting toilets, one by Kohler and two by Nature’s Head.

You might not have considered a composting toilet, but from a water efficiency and eco-friendly point of view, they are the bee’s knees! Let’s check them out.

Toto flushing toilets

The two Toto flushing toilets that you can order from your bathroom wholesaler are the MS980CMG#01 Neorest 550 and the Ms970CEMFG#01. Both come with a dual max flushing system that minimizes the amount of water needed for flushing, as well as an automatic flush, bidet function and a remote control to open and close the lid. With the Neorest 550 you can set the temperature of the seat and the Ms970CEMFG#01 has an automatic air deodorizer.

Kohler composting toilet

This traditionally styled toilet can be ordered from your local toilet wholesaler and has a beautiful flowery design with butterflies on the lower portions of the toilet and the tank, and is ideal for anyone who loves something a little bit different. With a high seat this toilet is very comfortable, and whilst it doesn’t have any modern gimmicks, it’s a work of art!

Nature’s Head composting toilets

Your local wholesale plumbing supplies store most probably has basic composting toilets in stock, however more luxurious models, such as Nature’s Head will require a special order. The main difference between the two models from Nature’s Head is that one is a composting toilet with a holding tank that needs to be manually emptied, whilst the other can also be electrically driven with a 12V plug and used as a standard toilet. Both models are designed to be easy to use, comfortable and odour free, and both are easy to clean and look just like standard toilets.

Regardless of whether you want a flushing or a composting toilet, there are a range of luxury models easily available on the market – simply talk to your local bathroom and toilet wholesaler.

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Four household plumbing tips from a toilet and bathroom wholesaler

Calling the plumber in the middle of the night can be an expensive endeavour, which is why maintaining your property’s plumbing in a good condition is essential. Unfortunately, many customers who purchase products from a toilet or bathroom wholesaler have suffered plumbing emergencies, simply because of a few long-term bad habits that resulted in a plumbing emergency.

If you want to minimise your trips to a bathroom or toilet wholesaler, here are four tips that will help you keep your plumbing in good working order.

  1. Blocked toilet tips: As a toilet wholesaler, you might be surprised at what we have found down toilets, anything from toys to paint to cooking oil, disposable nappies, shoes and dead animals. If you want to avoid your toilet backing up, don’t put anything but toilet paper and human waste down your toilet.
  2. Clean toilet tips: Keeping your toilets nice and clean is important to the health of everyone in your home, but many people believe that toilet cleaners are best added to the cistern or tank. As a toilet wholesaler, we know that this isn’t actually the best place for them, because many of these in-tank cleaners contain a lot of bleach and can damage your toilet. It’s much better to use a bowl cleaner, as these are far less corrosive and in the long term, they won’t damage your toilet.
  3. Dripping tap tips: You might be amazed at how much water just one dripping tap can waste over a year, which is doubled or tripled by the number of dripping taps on your property. As a bathroom wholesaler, we see this happening a lot, because customers complain that a leaking tap has significantly increased their water bill. Over time, a dripping tap will not only increase your water usage, but it can also damage the tap itself, meaning that you have to spend even more money replacing the tap.
  4. Draining tips: A slow draining shower, bath or sink means that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipes. If ignored, this blockage will only become worse and eventually your sink, bath or shower won’t empty at all and will start to backup. This is another common problem seen by your local bathroom wholesaler and can easily be avoided by calling your plumber at the first sign of a problem.

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Why should you turn off your mains water supply?

As a company specialising in wholesale plumbing supplies, we often find that homeowners have no idea where their main water valve is located on their property. This is the valve that turns off the water to your property and is usually located inside the water meter box, which itself usually located at the perimeter of your property near the road.

If you haven’t located your main water valve on your property, it’s important that you do so very quickly for the following reasons.

Installing or repairing a new hot water system: When you or your plumber purchases a new system from your local hot water system wholesaler, the mains water supply will need to be turned off, before the old system can be removed and the new unit installed. The same applies if your hot water system needs to be repaired, as the plumber will undoubtedly need to turn off the water.

Plumbing emergencies: If you have a major water leak, burst water pipes or the toilets back up then you will need to minimise the damage by turning off the main water supply. Once the water is turned off, you can either call a plumber or if the job doesn’t require a qualified plumber, you can purchase your own wholesale plumbing supplies to fix the problem.

Renovating your home: Remodelling the kitchen or bathrooms, usually involves some type of plumbing work, whether that’s just installing new taps or sinks or completely re-configuring these areas. If your renovations include additional bathrooms, you might even need to contact a hot water system wholesaler, because you might need to install a larger unit. Regardless of the size of your bathroom or kitchen renovations, at some point you usually need to turn the water off, so knowing where the valve is located is essential.

Taking the family on holiday: Many people take the extra step of turning off their mains water supply when they go on holiday, just in case of an unexpected water leak. As you can imagine, arriving back from your holidays to a home that has been flooded in water for the past two weeks is not a great home-coming, so it’s worthwhile giving this some serious thought.

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3 Benefits of wholesale plumbing supplies for hospitals

At Brisbane Wholesale Hardware we deal directly with many hospitals, because we specialise in providing bulk wholesale plumbing supplies to many different industries. As you can imagine, hospitals require specialist commercial plumbing that isn’t easily found in normal hardware or franchise stores, as it not only needs to be long lasting and durable, but also practical and safe.

A bathroom and toilet wholesaler that specialises in these premium wholesale plumbing supplies is a vital cog in keeping our hospitals running smoothly, helping to maintain strict health and hygiene requirements in our medical and surgical facilities.

With hospitals needing to cut costs, whilst still maintaining their high cleanliness standards, they need access to the best hands free tapware and accessible shower equipment on the market.

Hands free tapware: Touch free taps purchased from a premium bathroom and toilet wholesaler that are operated by a motion sensor or by your elbows are perfect for hospitals and medical centres that need to maintain sterile conditions. Bacteria can easily jump from people’s hands when they turn taps on and off and then onto the next person’s hands when they use the same tap. A hands free tap prevents this from occurring, and when you add in a 12 hour flush cycle to eliminate water stagnating in the water pipes, you have the ideal tapware for hospitals to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Accessible showers: Hand showers for patients that have issues with their mobility or need assistance with their personal hygiene are in high demand in our hospitals and nursing homes. Normal showers can be difficult to use for many patients and can even cause problems for carers who need to help their patients with their personal hygiene needs. Premium wholesale plumbing supplies however, provide hospitals with shower equipment that is not only strong and long lasting, but also has T-shaped grab rails that provide extra stability and support.

Bulk discounts: When hospitals buy their commercial plumbing supplies from a bathroom and toilet wholesaler, they can take advantage of the additional savings gained by buying in bulk. Over a 12 month period, this can save a significant amount of money for a hospital, nursing home or medical centre and can also make a huge difference when budgeting for a new hospital.

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3 Benefits of using quality wholesale plumbing supplies

All plumbers understand the benefits of using quality wholesale plumbing supplies for their customers, but sometimes it’s difficult for customers to realise these benefits. After all, ‘quality’ usually means spending more money and not everyone has the extra money needed in an emergency.

Nevertheless, buying premium supplies from a bathroom and toilet wholesaler is, in the long run, much more cost effective for customers than buying the cheaper options. So, if your customers are finding it difficult to dig deep for quality wholesale plumbing supplies, here are three reasons why it pays to go the extra mile and buy premium items.

  1. Better fit: Higher quality supplies tend to be manufactured by companies with better research and quality control and they also tend to belong to specific ranges This means that it’s far easier to find the right replacement part from your wholesale plumbing supplies store if the part belongs to a premium range, than it is to find a replacement part manufactured by a cheap overseas company. Sometimes you need to replace much more than the broken part, simply because you can’t find a part to fit an existing system, so you end up replacing the lot!
  2. Better appearance: Premium quality parts always look better than their cheaper alternatives and they’re usually made much better as well. It’s always easy to tell the difference between premium tapware from a bathroom and toilet wholesaler for example, and a cheaper version that is made from low quality plastic. It’s important that your customers realise that from an aesthetic point of view, the higher quality options will always look better than cheaper versions.
  3. Better costs: In the long run, the cheaper options don’t last as long as the better quality items and will usually need to be replaced much quicker. This means that the extra cost of buying quality wholesale plumbing supplies at the start, far outweighs the lower initial costs of the poorer quality items. Most people can understand the concept of spending now to save later, so it’s always worthwhile emphasising this point to your customers.

Plumbers always do their best to give their customers the very best service and whilst some customers simply cannot afford the premium options, this needs to be an informed decision, rather than one made in ignorance of these three benefits.

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