Fascinating facts about plumbing from your toilet wholesaler

As a toilet wholesaler and an expert on all things ‘plumbing’, we thought that we knew everything there was to know about plumbing, but we were wrong! Even we were amazed at some of the fascinating facts that we have found about plumbing on the internet, which we share with you below.

  1. Did you know that most of us spend around three years sitting on the toilet? That’s an amazing amount of time spent in a little room staring at the walls! Maybe that’s why so many of us take iPads or newspapers with us (although a study has shown that the more features on your smartphone, the longer you sit on the toilet). With so much time spent sitting on the toilet however, it makes sense to check with your local toilet wholesaler for the most comfortable toilet on the market.
  2. We are not quite sure what type of toilet royalty use, but in 1760 it’s said that King George II died when he fell off his toilet! Apparently he had suffered an aortic aneurysm which caused his death and he toppled off the toilet on 25th October and was buried in Westminster Abbey on 11 November 1760.
  3. Albert Einstein is reported to have said that if he could live his life over, he would be a plumber, so the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union of the time promptly made him an honorary member! Maybe you will find another Einstein at your local toilet wholesaler?
  4. Did you know that our sewers contain a lot of drugs excreted via urine? It’s said that more than three quarters of the drugs we take end up in the sewers via this avenue and studies have shown that many of these drugs end up in our fish.
  5. Which way do you hang your toilet paper? With the flap in the front or behind? It has taken a study costing $100,000 USD to reach the conclusion that three quarters of us hang the flap in the front. Even more interesting is that toilet paper was apparently invented by the Chinese in the 6th century.

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