Check out the latest bathroom trends at your local tapware and bathroom wholesaler

With all of the renovation shows on TV, many Australians are racing off to their local tapware and bathroom wholesaler, ready to makeover their bathrooms in the latest trends. Gone are the days when bathrooms were just somewhere to take a bath – now they have become a sanctuary within our homes, requiring not only the very best in functionality, but also in interior design.

So before you head off to your bathroom and tapware wholesaler for the latest wholesale plumbing supplies, let’s take a look at some of the hot new trends for 2018.

Frameless shower screens

For anyone with a shower in their bathroom, a frameless shower screen is a must! These beautiful acres of glass not only make your bathroom look much bigger, but they also let in lots of natural light that bounces around the room, giving your bathroom a more natural ambiance. Frameless shower screens are usually something you expect to see in high-end hotels, but are now within easy reach of most Australians for their home sanctuary.

Fabulous freestanding tubs

If you love your bath, then you must have one of these awesome freestanding tubs in your renovated bathroom. There is nothing else you can do to your bathroom that will give such it a magical, luxurious and romantic feel as a standalone bath! With a range of shapes and colours available at your local tapware and bathroom wholesaler, you won’t be short of design style in your bathroom.

Awesome tapware and shower fittings

Gone are the days of boring old tapware and shower heads, now you can install gold, bronze, silver, brass, copper and even black fittings in your bathroom. Just imagine the sophistication and elegance of black tapware on a marble sink or the decadence of a rose gold coloured rainwater shower head? With so many designs and options available at your local bathroom and tapware wholesaler, you won’t have any problem creating the perfect sanctuary for your home.

Natural timber adds warmth and style

Whilst you won’t find timber floors at your local wholesale plumbing supplies, nevertheless they are trending this year and look fabulous in bathrooms when matched with other natural timber elements. Timber adds warmth to a bathroom, preventing it from looking and feeling cold and clinical, and adding an earthy ambiance to your sanctuary. Consider a timber vanity with crisp white vanity sinks and black tapware for the ultimate in style and interior design.

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