What are the latest trends in wholesale plumbing supplies?

Every year we see changes in our sales of wholesale plumbing supplies, and sometimes these changes are minor and other times they are huge! These changes usually come down to the prevailing trends in tapware and other bathroom necessities that wax and wane every year.

For example, we have noticed a big drop in rose gold tapware and large spa baths, and anecdotal evidence tells us that subway tiles and all-white bathrooms are also off-trend this year. As a bathroom and tapware wholesaler, we have noticed a number of trends already rearing their heads this year, so without further ado – here are the trends we have noticed in our wholesale plumbing supplies and the trends which we have gleaned from our customers.

Tapware: Forget the shiny gold taps of 2017, because 2018 is all about brushed metallics and black tapware and mixers. Replacing your tapware is a simple and fast way to keep it looking up-to-date and modern, and it’s one of the most affordable options for revamping your bathroom. We are updating our wholesale plumbing supplies to include these new trends, so why not drop in and ask us about our latest tapware?

Featured showers: As a bathroom wholesaler, we have noticed that the reason that spa baths are off-trend in 2018 is because homeowners are moving more towards large walk-in showers with multiple heads and jets. You might be surprised to learn that not everyone wants to spend time in a large bath, instead many of us prefer to forgo the bath and replace it with a decadent shower with a large rainwater head, side jets and lots of room to move!

Freestanding baths: If you must have a bath, then spa baths are out and lovely, decorative freestanding baths are in! Even more on trend are baths with a feature colour on the outside, preferably navy or black to match your new tapware – check with your local bathroom wholesaler for supplies.

Colours: All-white bathrooms are no longer trending, instead strong neutrals such as navy or black are now popular. Updating your bathroom is easy, just add a row of navy blue open shelving matched with navy towels and accessories or add black tapware to your vanity and shower, even a matte black shower head and handheld shower as well.

You can pick up most of these wholesale plumbing supplies at your local bathroom stockists. Contact us today to find out more about the latest tapware and bathroom trends for 2018.