Get all the latest wholesale plumbing supplies today!

With all of the advances in plumbing technology over the few years, you might be surprised to learn that you can get everything you need at your local wholesale plumbing supplies store. What type of technologies are we talking about? Well they are all about making your home more comfortable, clean and environmentally friendly.

Wholesale plumbing supplies that make your home comfortable

We all want to be comfortable in our home, but it’s likely you haven’t given any thought to how your plumbing comes into the equation! Plumbing advances that you might like to consider for your home that increase your comfort include toilet bowls with LED lights or even smart toilets that open and close their own lids, automatically deodorise the air and have an adjustable heated seat. What about infrared sensors and timers to turn taps on and off (great if the kids leave the tap running when they clean their teeth) and coloured mood lights in your bath!

Wholesale plumbing supplies that make your home cleaner

If your main priority is cutting down on the germs in your home, then you need to explore the new touch free sensors that turn water on and off, toilets with automatic lids that open and close without needing to touch them (awesome when you have people who leave the seat up all the time!) and some toilets that even include hands-free cleaning without using toilet paper (rather than installing a separate bidet in your toilet closet). There is also a kitchen sink that disappears into the bench top when not in use!

Wholesale plumbing supplies that make your home greener

Increasing the energy efficiency in your home and reducing wastage are two big factors in making your home green and environmentally friendly. This means that energy saving plumbing supplies are all the rage right now, so consider tankless water heaters, energy efficient shower heads and taps, high tech dual flush toilets, recycling grey water, and cold water diverters that save the cold water that we usually waste when waiting for the water to become hot in the tap.

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