Why are quality bathroom fittings from a bathroom wholesaler better for your customers?

As a professional plumber you already know that buying your supplies from a bathroom wholesaler saves you a serious amount of money on your overall costs. You also know that your customers want to pay you as little as possible, so they are more inclined to select the cheaper overseas options when it comes to bathroom fixtures and tapware.

Your customers already know that you purchase your supplies from a bathroom and tapware wholesaler, so they are expecting the best prices right at the start. The problem is that the cheaper options aren’t always as cost-effective for your customers as the more expensive and high quality options, but this can be difficult to explain to your customers, particularly when they are focused on the dollar signs.

So if you are heading off to the bathroom or toilet wholesaler this week, to pick up supplies for your next job, here are three very good reasons why your customers should opt for the high quality options.

  1. Cheap tapware is harder to replace: The cheaper models of tapware that are flooding our market from overseas come and go so quickly that it is difficult to keep up with them. The models change so frequently that if you are searching for a matching item at your local tapware wholesaler, it is quite likely that it won’t be available or even exist in a year or two. So unless your client replaces all of their tapware, thy will end up with it all being mismatched.
  2. Cheap tapware breaks too quickly: Regardless of warranties, many of the cheaper tapware options break down or cause problems a lot sooner than their quality counterparts, so in the end, your customer isn’t saving any money. All they have is a tap that generally looks cheap and needs replacing sooner that it should. Many of these low quality items are sold to the public at the large hardware stores, not at your local tapware wholesaler.
  3. How good are the warranties? The cheaper overseas models might have warranties, but sometimes it is difficult to have the items replaced or repaired under these warranties. Companies that manufacture higher quality tapware on the other hand, those that are sold at your local bathroom wholesaler, have a much better reputation for honouring their warranties.

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How much can wholesale plumbing supplies save you?

For professional plumbers, the cost of renovating a bathroom or kitchen, even installing the first fix plumbing in new builds can be massively reduced by buying from wholesale plumbing supplies. As we can all appreciate, tradies always turn to a plumbing and bathroom wholesaler to cut down on their costs, so it is good to know that at Brisbane Wholesale Hardware, we have the most comprehensive range of RIDGID plumbing tools in SEQ.

Our wholesale prices are the lowest you will find anywhere in SEQ, which is why plumbers have been coming to us for their wholesale plumbing supplies for years and years.

What wholesale plumbing supplies do we sell?

We sell just about every brand of plumbing and bathroom tools, fittings and fixtures on the market, from Vulcan to Dorf, Caroma, Dux and Aquamax. So whatever you need you will find in our store, we do however, specialise in Ridgid plumbing supplies.

For example, at the moment if you want to upgrade your CCTV equipment, we have four Ridgid camera monitors, four camera reels, four locators and three signal transmitters. These are some of best selling wholesale plumbing supplies, so if you want to upgrade or add CCTV as one of your services for locating underground leaks, our staff can talk you through what you need and show you how it all works. Don’t forget to include our Ridgid drain cleaning tools, because once you have found the blockage with your CCTV equipment, you will need the very best tools to fix the problem for you customers.

Not forgetting your usual bathroom supplies, such as tube benders and cutters, pressing tools, hot water systems, mixers and tapware and all of your bathroom fixtures, such as showers, baths and vanities. As the busiest bathroom wholesaler in Brisbane, we have stock coming in all day long, so if we don’t have what you want immediately, it won’t be long before it hits our warehouse.

At Brisbane Wholesale Hardware, we have everything you need at our store to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy. What not drop in on your way to a job (we open at 6.30am) and pick up a few supplies?

If you have any questions about our wholesale plumbing supplies or want to check on stock levels, contact us today for an immediate reply.

Before you purchase from your tapware wholesaler – Ask your customers these 4 questions

Most plumbers have been in the situation here they have purchased certain items from their tapware wholesaler and had to return them because their clients don’t agree with their selection. It is always a pain having to return products to your bathroom wholesaler, because it’s time you can’t get back and loses you money.

The solution is to know the right questions to ask your customers, before you head to your local tapware and toilet wholesaler, so that you can have the right products when you arrive on site. So here are 4 questions that it pays to ask your customers, keeping them happy and your business on track.

1. What is their budget?

The majority of customers will always have a budget and in most cases, this will be a tight budget. So the best solution is to find out how much they are looking to spend and then suggesting the products that fit in with their budget. There are plenty of well-known brands that have very affordable entry level ranges, such as Reece, Dorf and Caroma, so pin their budget down before you head to your bathroom and tapware wholesaler.

2. What style do they want?

Some of these questions can seem obvious, but there are so many different styles of tapware on the market that it is easy to make a mistake and pick one that your customers don’t like. So discuss the different styles that fit in with their budget and then you can drop into the bathroom wholesaler on your way to the job.

3. What about matching fittings?

From an aesthetic point of view, matching the fittings is always the best way to go, however this isn’t always practical. This is particularly relevant if your customers have older fittings and just want one set updated in the bathroom. Finding matching fittings from your tapware and toilet wholesaler can be difficult for older fittings, and sometimes even if you can find them – they don’t fit the basins. So your customer might be better off with fittings that don’t match, but complement one another.

4. Is water efficiency a priority?

There are plenty of products available from your tapware wholesaler that are water efficient, so you need to ask whether this is something that is important to your clients. You can discuss flow rates and mixer taps, but if your customer’s are set on one particular style and brand, they might not be able to have water efficiency as well.

As a tapware wholesaler, we have a large range of branded and generic products at very affordable prices. Contact us today on 07 3391 6500 to discuss your needs.

How to choose the best bathroom fittings for customers on a budget with wholesale plumbing supplies

When professional renovators, plumbers and builders leverage the buying power of companies that specialise in wholesale plumbing supplies, they not only save themselves money, but they also give their customers a much better service.

This is because a bathroom wholesaler sells the same items as a retail store, but at a fraction of the cost, so you can pass on these saving to your customers. Of course price isn’t the only consideration, because if you install a cheap, but low quality item in your customer’s home that breaks in 12 months, they won’t be happy and your reputation will take a hit.

So it is vital that you strike the right balance between price and quality for the benefit of both your own business and your customer’s satisfaction. As a plumbing and tapware wholesaler, we offer a wide range bathroom supplies at rock bottom prices and best of all – we stock a large range of branded products.

Benefits of purchasing branded wholesale plumbing supplies

Your customers will probably be aware of the main players in bathroom fittings, such as Caroma, Dorf and Reece, and they will already have a certain amount of faith in these brands. You can purchase these well-known brands from your local wholesale plumbing supplies and when your customers realise that you are installing these branded products in their homes, their confidence and level of satisfaction increases.

Branded products purchased from a bathroom wholesaler also have much better warranties and customer support than cheaper and more generic items, which is a bonus for both the installer (yourself) and the customer. You also don’t need to worry that your customers can’t afford these well-known brands, because apart from the fact that they are cheaper when purchased through a plumbing and tapware wholesaler, most major brands have an entry level range which is quite affordable.

Lastly, when you use well-known branded products it is always easier to find the right parts to update your client’s bathrooms. This means that you don’t need to worry about tracking down a part that fits, because you simply look through the items offered by the same brand until you find the right part.

So if you are searching for affordable wholesale plumbing supplies for your business, contact us today on 07 3391 6500 to discuss your needs.