How much can wholesale plumbing supplies save you?

For professional plumbers, the cost of renovating a bathroom or kitchen, even installing the first fix plumbing in new builds can be massively reduced by buying from wholesale plumbing supplies. As we can all appreciate, tradies always turn to a plumbing and bathroom wholesaler to cut down on their costs, so it is good to know that at Brisbane Wholesale Hardware, we have the most comprehensive range of RIDGID plumbing tools in SEQ.

Our wholesale prices are the lowest you will find anywhere in SEQ, which is why plumbers have been coming to us for their wholesale plumbing supplies for years and years.

What wholesale plumbing supplies do we sell?

We sell just about every brand of plumbing and bathroom tools, fittings and fixtures on the market, from Vulcan to Dorf, Caroma, Dux and Aquamax. So whatever you need you will find in our store, we do however, specialise in Ridgid plumbing supplies.

For example, at the moment if you want to upgrade your CCTV equipment, we have four Ridgid camera monitors, four camera reels, four locators and three signal transmitters. These are some of best selling wholesale plumbing supplies, so if you want to upgrade or add CCTV as one of your services for locating underground leaks, our staff can talk you through what you need and show you how it all works. Don’t forget to include our Ridgid drain cleaning tools, because once you have found the blockage with your CCTV equipment, you will need the very best tools to fix the problem for you customers.

Not forgetting your usual bathroom supplies, such as tube benders and cutters, pressing tools, hot water systems, mixers and tapware and all of your bathroom fixtures, such as showers, baths and vanities. As the busiest bathroom wholesaler in Brisbane, we have stock coming in all day long, so if we don’t have what you want immediately, it won’t be long before it hits our warehouse.

At Brisbane Wholesale Hardware, we have everything you need at our store to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy. What not drop in on your way to a job (we open at 6.30am) and pick up a few supplies?

If you have any questions about our wholesale plumbing supplies or want to check on stock levels, contact us today for an immediate reply.