How to choose the best bathroom fittings for customers on a budget with wholesale plumbing supplies

When professional renovators, plumbers and builders leverage the buying power of companies that specialise in wholesale plumbing supplies, they not only save themselves money, but they also give their customers a much better service.

This is because a bathroom wholesaler sells the same items as a retail store, but at a fraction of the cost, so you can pass on these saving to your customers. Of course price isn’t the only consideration, because if you install a cheap, but low quality item in your customer’s home that breaks in 12 months, they won’t be happy and your reputation will take a hit.

So it is vital that you strike the right balance between price and quality for the benefit of both your own business and your customer’s satisfaction. As a plumbing and tapware wholesaler, we offer a wide range bathroom supplies at rock bottom prices and best of all – we stock a large range of branded products.

Benefits of purchasing branded wholesale plumbing supplies

Your customers will probably be aware of the main players in bathroom fittings, such as Caroma, Dorf and Reece, and they will already have a certain amount of faith in these brands. You can purchase these well-known brands from your local wholesale plumbing supplies and when your customers realise that you are installing these branded products in their homes, their confidence and level of satisfaction increases.

Branded products purchased from a bathroom wholesaler also have much better warranties and customer support than cheaper and more generic items, which is a bonus for both the installer (yourself) and the customer. You also don’t need to worry that your customers can’t afford these well-known brands, because apart from the fact that they are cheaper when purchased through a plumbing and tapware wholesaler, most major brands have an entry level range which is quite affordable.

Lastly, when you use well-known branded products it is always easier to find the right parts to update your client’s bathrooms. This means that you don’t need to worry about tracking down a part that fits, because you simply look through the items offered by the same brand until you find the right part.

So if you are searching for affordable wholesale plumbing supplies for your business, contact us today on 07 3391 6500 to discuss your needs.