3 Benefits of using quality wholesale plumbing supplies

All plumbers understand the benefits of using quality wholesale plumbing supplies for their customers, but sometimes it’s difficult for customers to realise these benefits. After all, ‘quality’ usually means spending more money and not everyone has the extra money needed in an emergency.

Nevertheless, buying premium supplies from a bathroom and toilet wholesaler is, in the long run, much more cost effective for customers than buying the cheaper options. So, if your customers are finding it difficult to dig deep for quality wholesale plumbing supplies, here are three reasons why it pays to go the extra mile and buy premium items.

  1. Better fit: Higher quality supplies tend to be manufactured by companies with better research and quality control and they also tend to belong to specific ranges This means that it’s far easier to find the right replacement part from your wholesale plumbing supplies store if the part belongs to a premium range, than it is to find a replacement part manufactured by a cheap overseas company. Sometimes you need to replace much more than the broken part, simply because you can’t find a part to fit an existing system, so you end up replacing the lot!
  2. Better appearance: Premium quality parts always look better than their cheaper alternatives and they’re usually made much better as well. It’s always easy to tell the difference between premium tapware from a bathroom and toilet wholesaler for example, and a cheaper version that is made from low quality plastic. It’s important that your customers realise that from an aesthetic point of view, the higher quality options will always look better than cheaper versions.
  3. Better costs: In the long run, the cheaper options don’t last as long as the better quality items and will usually need to be replaced much quicker. This means that the extra cost of buying quality wholesale plumbing supplies at the start, far outweighs the lower initial costs of the poorer quality items. Most people can understand the concept of spending now to save later, so it’s always worthwhile emphasising this point to your customers.

Plumbers always do their best to give their customers the very best service and whilst some customers simply cannot afford the premium options, this needs to be an informed decision, rather than one made in ignorance of these three benefits.

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