Four household plumbing tips from a toilet and bathroom wholesaler

Calling the plumber in the middle of the night can be an expensive endeavour, which is why maintaining your property’s plumbing in a good condition is essential. Unfortunately, many customers who purchase products from a toilet or bathroom wholesaler have suffered plumbing emergencies, simply because of a few long-term bad habits that resulted in a plumbing emergency.

If you want to minimise your trips to a bathroom or toilet wholesaler, here are four tips that will help you keep your plumbing in good working order.

  1. Blocked toilet tips: As a toilet wholesaler, you might be surprised at what we have found down toilets, anything from toys to paint to cooking oil, disposable nappies, shoes and dead animals. If you want to avoid your toilet backing up, don’t put anything but toilet paper and human waste down your toilet.
  2. Clean toilet tips: Keeping your toilets nice and clean is important to the health of everyone in your home, but many people believe that toilet cleaners are best added to the cistern or tank. As a toilet wholesaler, we know that this isn’t actually the best place for them, because many of these in-tank cleaners contain a lot of bleach and can damage your toilet. It’s much better to use a bowl cleaner, as these are far less corrosive and in the long term, they won’t damage your toilet.
  3. Dripping tap tips: You might be amazed at how much water just one dripping tap can waste over a year, which is doubled or tripled by the number of dripping taps on your property. As a bathroom wholesaler, we see this happening a lot, because customers complain that a leaking tap has significantly increased their water bill. Over time, a dripping tap will not only increase your water usage, but it can also damage the tap itself, meaning that you have to spend even more money replacing the tap.
  4. Draining tips: A slow draining shower, bath or sink means that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipes. If ignored, this blockage will only become worse and eventually your sink, bath or shower won’t empty at all and will start to backup. This is another common problem seen by your local bathroom wholesaler and can easily be avoided by calling your plumber at the first sign of a problem.

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