Does a hot water system wholesaler sell all types of hot water systems?

One of the best places to buy your replacement hot water system is from a hot water system wholesaler, because we have the best prices and the latest designs. If you need a replacement system for your home or investment property, here is a short guide on how to buy the right system from your local hot water system and tapware wholesaler.

There are four different options to heat your water: electric, gas, solar and a heat pump.

Electric hot water: This is the most expensive of the four options, but is the one that most people are familiar with and tend to choose first, particularly if their old system was electric. They are usually the cheapest to buy and install; the expense comes in heating your water with electricity. Off-peak electricity isn’t always suitable or available for some families and because the hot water is stored, you often need very large tanks to keep up with your usage. Your local tapware and hot water system wholesaler will have a range of affordable electric powered tanks for you to view.

Gas hot water: If your property has natural gas or you are happy with gas bottles, then this might be a great option for your family, particularly as you can install an instantaneous system and avoid having a tank altogether. It’s more expensive to buy and install then an electric system, but is more convenient and usually cheaper to run. Your local hot water system and tapware wholesaler will also have a range of affordable gas systems in stock.

Solar hot water: One of the more expensive options to install, the prices of solar panels are coming down as the technology improves. You still need a tank with solar hot water and you will also use a certain amount of electricity, dependent on how much hot water you use and whether it’s cloudy or not. Installing batteries is the best option, but until prices come down, most homeowners won’t be able to afford this added expense. Solar power is very popular, but your local hot water system and tapware wholesaler can only supply the tanks, not the solar panels.

Heat pumps: If you can’t afford solar, but still want a more environmentally friendly system, then a heat pump is a good option. This uses a tank, but the water is heated by extracting heat from the air, which is perfect for the warm Brisbane weather. Costs are on par with gas systems and your local tapware and hot water system wholesaler can show you their range of heat pumps.

For affordable electric and gas hot water systems, as well as heat pumps, contact us today.