Wholesale plumbing supplies – Bathroom trends for 2018

Your local wholesale plumbing supplies store has everything you need to renovate your bathroom for 2018. This year the trend in bathrooms is more towards a timeless style that won’t go out of fashion quickly, allowing you to treat yourself to a spa sanctuary at home without blowing the budget.

So before you contact your tapware wholesaler or your hot water system wholesaler, check out our bathroom renovation tips for 2018.

Tapware: Mixers and hob mounted taps in brass, brushed metallic or matte black are sophisticated and will give your bathroom an elegant aesthetic. Your tapware wholesaler should have plenty of examples for you to investigate.

Showers: These have become far more popular than spa baths with young people, so consider installing a large rain head shower, multiple side jets and a hand shower as well.

Baths: If you can’t imagine life without a bath, then a free standing bath with a white interior and an external feature colour, such as navy or black gives a modern twist to more traditional bathrooms. Check out your local wholesale plumbing supplies store for the latest in free standing baths and select one to match your style and colour scheme.

Toilets: Toilets now come with seat warmers, night lights, combination bidets, automatic deodorizers, wireless music and even remote controls. So make your selection and sit back in luxury!

Vanities: Stone basins, quartz counter tops and dark timbers in a white bathroom make a timeless combination and during 2018, we will see an emerging trend for elegance and sophistication in bathroom design. Your local wholesale plumbing supplies store should have a selection of the latest vanities to hit the market, so it is worth paying a visit before you make your decision.

Tiles: Large tiles have always been popular in hotels, because there is less grout to clean and they make small spaces look larger. This is a trend that will be picked up by an increasing number of home owners who usually suffer from small bathrooms and who look for strategies to make them look bigger.

Colours: Black and white or navy and white with the addition of natural stone and dark timbers can work with any contemporary or traditional styled home. This is a palette that will stand the test of time and still look good when lime green and daffodil yellow bathrooms look dated.

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